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Dehydrated treats

Dehydrated treats

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Get your pup's tail wagging with our Dehydrated Treatos! Made with your choice of protein, these treats are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Perfect for training or just as a special snack, your dog will love the delicious and nutritious benefits of our dehydrated treats.


Q: How are the frosting colour achieved? Do you use artificial colouring?
A: Nothing artificial is used in our bakes. Our colours are achieved by using only vegetables/fruits powder.

Q: What if my doggo is unable to finish the cake/cupcakes? How do I store?
A:Our cakes and cupcakes can be stored in the refridgerator for up to 2 days from the order date! You may also store them in the freezer for up to a month and thaw or heat it up before feeding.

Q:What is in the bakes?
Cakes & pupcakes :
-Choice of protein.(85%)
-Pumpkin, carrot, bell pepper, broccoli, flaxseeds, chiaseeds and a small amount of oat groats & gluten free oats.(15%)

Cookies: Peanut butter, pumpkin, carrot and oat flour.

Q:How big is the cake?
A:Our smol bento keki is 4inch in size, weighing about 400g.
Serves 3-4 portions for smaller doggos and 1-2 portions for medium/large doggos.

Smol heart bento is 4 inch in size, weighing about 380g.
Serves 3-4 portions for smaller doggos and 1-2 portions for medium/large doggos.

Bone cake weighs about 600g.
Serves 4-5 portions for smaller doggos and 2 portions for medium/large doggos.

Basic 6 inch weighs about 800g.
Serves 6-8 portions for smaller doggos and 2-4 portions for medium/large doggos.

2 tier 6 inch weighs about 1.2kg.
Serves 10-12 portions for smaller doggos and 3-6 portions for medium/large doggos.

Note: Weight may vary slightly. Portioning as mentioned is just an estimation, depending on how much you feed.

  • Fresh human grade ingredients.
  • Serve chill or microwave.
  • Recommend to trial feed.
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