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Birthday bib with hat

Birthday bib with hat

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Get ready to party with our Birthday Bib and Hat combo! Perfect for any birthday celebration, this add-on set features a festive hat and bib to make your little one stand out. 


Q: How are the frosting colour achieved? Do you use artificial colouring?
A: Nothing artificial is used in our bakes. Our colours are achieved by using only vegetables/fruits powder.

Q: What if my doggo is unable to finish the cake/cupcakes? How do I store?
A:Our cakes and cupcakes can be stored in the refridgerator for up to 2 days from the order date! You may also store them in the freezer for up to a month and thaw or heat it up before feeding.

Q:What is in the bakes?
Cakes & pupcakes :
-Choice of protein.(85%)
-Pumpkin, carrot, bell pepper, broccoli, flaxseeds, chiaseeds and a small amount of oat groats & gluten free oats.(15%)

Cookies: Peanut butter, pumpkin, carrot and oat flour.

Q:How big is the cake?
A:Our smol bento keki is 4inch in size, weighing about 400g.
Serves 3-4 portions for smaller doggos and 1-2 portions for medium/large doggos.

Smol heart bento is 4 inch in size, weighing about 380g.
Serves 3-4 portions for smaller doggos and 1-2 portions for medium/large doggos.

Bone cake weighs about 600g.
Serves 4-5 portions for smaller doggos and 2 portions for medium/large doggos.

Basic 6 inch weighs about 800g.
Serves 6-8 portions for smaller doggos and 2-4 portions for medium/large doggos.

2 tier 6 inch weighs about 1.2kg.
Serves 10-12 portions for smaller doggos and 3-6 portions for medium/large doggos.

Note: Weight may vary slightly. Portioning as mentioned is just an estimation, depending on how much you feed.

  • Fresh human grade ingredients.
  • Serve chill or microwave.
  • Recommend to trial feed.
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